Garden Office Space in Bromley

Bespoke Build

  • Built from Scracth - NO KITS
  • Electrics
  • Floors
  • Insulation to match a loft room
  • Electric Heating
  • Ceiling Spotlights (down lights)
  • UPVC Doors and Windows
  • Bi Fold Doors
  • Patio or Decking
  • Enviromentally Friendly Materials
About us

Garden Offices Bromley is run by Smiths of Bromley Ltd who have been converting Lofts, extensions and installing high spec roofing solutions for 30 years. Because of our background we are the perfect company to design and build your Garden Office or Room using high spec envirmonmetally friendly materials and practices. We also give you a 10 year structual guranatee

A loft conversion gives you another bedroom but requires planning permission and 6-8 weeks of dust and upheaval. We have noticed a trend in people who need more space, typically to work in or relax AWAY from the house and a Garden Office or Room gives the ideal solution.

Owner Terrence Smith Said "We've built hundreds of lofts in the Bromley borough but you can never have enough space these. A loft is a great extra bedroom but you wouldn't want to run your business from it.

We have built offices for people who have staff come into work each day as they would anywhere else. The amount of things you can achieve with a garden room is amazing. We have people using their room as cinema rooms, gyms you name it. It adds value to your property as well and gives yours a unique selling point.

It's hard to not see the potential of a garden office or room and we are getting as much interest from the public as for our Loft Conversions. We also have many clients who have had a Loft Conversion, an extensions and still have a Garden Room built.

It just shows that with the cost of moving you are better off staying where you are and adding to that property if you can"

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Advantages of

  • Typically no planning required
  • No household disruption/mess
  • Built to your pesonal Spec
  • Fully Insulated

Outdoor Space

  • Drainage, guttering
  • Adds value to your property
  • No Rent - Low maintenance
  • Offset cost as business expense

They Said

Mr and Mrs Peake, Bromley Gardens

All good, delighted and the finished office looks great! My husband has moved his bedroom office outside and we now have a spare room again.

We will recommend you to friends locally. A family friendly service and excellent workmanship.

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